Monday, November 14, 2011

Warnings Of Love

You must love yourself before you can love another. But before you can love yourself, you must know and understand yourself profoundly. This deep understanding of yourself will automatically lead you to love yourself (since you will become aware of your divine essence) and you will also love every other person at that same moment (because you will recognize that same divine essence in every other person).

There is always the risk of getting hurt (when love switches to fear), so remember to fully love and trust in your constant decision to love rather than fear.
Recognize that any feeling of jealousy is a clear sign of fear. Therefore the most appropriate response is to begin loving again (since we cannot love and fear at the same time).

Realize what you have while you have it, and care for the person you trust.
If something comes to an end, try to let go rather than holding on; it's for the best.
The idea of love is fueled by childhood fantasies. The love shown in movies, as obtainable as it may be, is rare to say the least.
You just may find your soulmate sooner than you intended.
If you feel any doubt of the love your partner has for you, make sure that your suspicions are grounded in reality. If you hurt your partner as a result of undeserved mistrust, he/she may end up doubting both your love for them and theirs for you.
Don't ask for love. You should receive love because your partner wants to give you love, not because you want it from your partner.
Do not force love. It will come in good time—perhaps not with the person you initially want, but love definitely will come if you are willing to share it with someone.

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  1. A lot of people don't really understand LOVE. But, we are all different. we show our love in different ways. You're right, you cannot force love. It will be given to you if you show it too. Many love problems in a relationship. And if there are relations that fail, there are many that succeeded :)

  2. Very good post... Just seeking an advice.. If a gal dumps a guy twice in 2 yrs on silly reasons and aftr 3 4 months again she's back, does she love him? Really confused cause the guy loves her head over heels.. :'(